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What’s Handshake Domain Name?

Learn about a fresh perspective on domain name ownership. Handshake is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer network that functions similarly to a secure public registry. It means bypassing the traditional organizations and registries that hold sway over the internet, giving you more freedom, security, and control over your domain name.
Additionally, you are allowed to register unique domain names other than those ending in .com,.org,.net, or any other traditional domain extensions. The data security, privacy, and professional assistance you already receive from NiceNIC.NET will remain intact, nonetheless.

Why Handshake domain names?

Become a pioneer
By registering a Handshake domain, you join the growing movement to gradually decentralize the internet. Create a website with a domain name that you completely own and manage.
Enjoy online freedom
The power is transferred to domain name owners as the web grows less centralized, with less control or gatekeeping. With just a few clicks, safely log in to the decentralized web without jeopardizing your privacy. You can share info anyway you like.
Stay secure
Handshake domains are distributed on a blockchain, which provides more resistance to security scams and hacking attempts.
Encourage internet parity
A more equal online environment where technologies are driven by the Internet community rather than a small number of stakeholders is produced by the progressive decentralization of the web.

How to access your Handshake domain name?

  • The majority of browsers are not configured to navigate to Handshake?domains, despite the fact that Handshake is at the vanguard of creating a more open and free Internet. Thankfully, there are easy methods to make these new domains visible to and resolveable from your browser or device.
  • Use one of the resolvers below to get to your Handshake domain. You may check if your browser can reach any Handshake domain quickly, easily, and for free by doing this.

7 ways to access your Handshake domain

NextDNS is a Domain Name System (DNS) service that can be used to access Handshake domains.Onceyou have this service set up on your device, go to your settings and turn on the option to "ResolveHandshake domains" Check out this video for step-by-step instructions.
Simply enter vour site address in the search bar at the top of the HNS to page to access a Handshakedomain. Alternatively, you can affix "hns.to/" directly before your site address. This easy, convenientoption requires no changes to your current DNS settings.
Browser extensions
A number of developers have created browser extensions that allow users to access Handshakeseamlessly. Options include Bob Wallet and LinkFrame, both of which are available for Chrome. ForFirefox, an add-on called Resolvr is available.
  • HDNS.io
    With HDNS, you can access Handshake websites directly in your browser using an encrypted DNSprotocol, which helps to protect against DNS spying and tampering. This is a public resolver option, andthere's no signup process required. You'll still be able to access regular sites as well, like Google,YouTube, etc. To use HDNS, you'll need to change the DNS server settings on your computer. Simpleeasy-to-follow instructions are provided here.
  • HSD/HDNS node
    The Handshake software's full node (HSD) is a great option for managing a Handshake domain. HSD actsas a resolver and allows you to register, update, and transfer names or make blockchain payments.Another option is the software's light client (HNSD), which is better suited to those who just want to beable to resolve Handshake names without using the computing power reguired to run the full node.
  • VPN
    Some VPN services also include an option to resolve Handshake domains. For example, VPN users maybe able to switch their selected name server to Handshake Naming System instead of the default domainname system. If you're already a VPN user, check to see if this is an option your service provides.
  • Fingertip
    Developed by lmpervious, Fingertip is an open source, lightweight Handshake resolver. In addition toHNS, Fingertip also provides simple access to external namespaces like ENS. The menubar app isavailable for both Mac and Windows and is easy to set up.

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