NiceNIC API Introduction
NiceNIC is a Hong Kong based company providing domain name, hosting, and other internet services. The NiceNIC API provides developer access to NiceNIC’s domain reseller program. Based on HTTP POST calls, the API exposes all aspects of the domain registration and management process. The API is available to all registered NiceNIC resellers.
NiceNIC's API service is now listed on ProgrammableWeb API Directory:
API Environment
1. Nicenic API is based on HTTP & POST
2. Production Environment:
3. API Call is only available for Nicenic Resellers.
Public Parameters
The character set of all parameters is GB2312.
The following parameters must be provided when accessing API, otherwise Server will return error messages directly.
No. Parameter Description Type Remark
1 userid Username of the user account Constant(6-30 characters) Username of the User Account
2 userstr md5(userid Account password email vtime) Constant(32 characters) MD5: API encryption functionUsername of the User AccountPassword of the User AccountEmail of the User Account Vtime includes 12 characters If current time=2006-08-30 08:15Then vtime=200608300815 userstr: 32-character string after the sequentially connected 4 values encrypted by MD5
3 category domain Constant Product category
4 action Operation Constant Different function, different value, as described in more details below.
5 vtime Vtime includes 12 characters If current time=2006-08-30 08:15Then vtime=200608300815GMT+08:00 as Default
Action Parameters
  According to different function, choose different action value. One API Call, one action.
Domain RegistrationView Details Modify ContactView Details
Domain RenewalView Details Modify NameserverView Details
Modify Domain PasswordView Details Get Domain InformationView Details
Domain ResolutionView Details Get Domain Resolution RecordView Details
Add Domain Resolution RecordView Details Delete Domain Resolution RecordView Details
Modify Domain Resolution RecordView Details Restart DNS ServerView Details
Domain Registration
Detailed parameter list (all parameters are in lowercase):
(This action is NOT free.)
Parameter Description Type Remark
domain standard domain name String (3-60) i.e.
domainpwd domain password String (3-16) alphabetic characters, numbers only for domain management
vyear registration term Integer
dns1 primary nameserver server address default
dns2 secondary nameserver server address default
productid cn
Constant cn: English.CN
com: Generic gTLD(com,net,org)
cnch: Chinese.CN/中国
comch: Chinese Internationalized Domain Name
name: .name
mobi: .mobi
biz: .biz
info: .info
cc: .cc
tv: .tv
Registrant contact
Parameter Description Type Remark
nameRegistrant nameString (1-16)space required between words
organization organization/company name String (1-255)
state province/state String (1-255)
address mailing address String (1-255)  
city city acronym String (1-255)  
postcode post code/zip code Integer (6) country Country acronym String (2) i.e. CN for China
phone +Country code.district code and phone number "." to separate numbers (30) Fixed format, i.e.+86.07568298700
fax +Country code.district code and fax number "." to separate numbers (30)
email Email address String standard Email address including "@"
The following 3 contacts, repeat Registrant contact parameters please:

Administrative contact: add "a_" before Registrant contact parameters
Billing contact: add "b_" before Registrant contact parameters
Technical contact: add "t_" before Registrant contact parameters

OR use the follow sharing mode:
admin_same_as Administrative contact sharing mode 1 or 2 1: same as Nicenic's
2: same as Registrant's
tech_same_as Technical contact sharing mode 1or 2 or 3 1: same as Nicenic's
2: same as Registrant's
3: same as Administrative's
bill_same_as Billing contact sharing mode 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 1: same as Nicenic's
2: same as Registrant's
3: same as Administrative's
4: same as Technical's
Service Actions
action = rs_againrequest    (Note: public parameter category=all)
Function Description:
Service Re-submit is available for returning "pending process" to get the latest service status. Please be noted to do Re-submit 10 minutes after first-time request and repetitive Re-submits will be applicable till final success or failure when the service is under pending process.
Parameter Description Type Remark
domain standard domain name Character i.e.
action_old service re-submit action Character i.e.: activate,renew
productclassid service category: domain means domain service Character  
TLDs Your Price
NET $21.99
BIZ $30.80
INFO $9.99
KR $78.47
SG $181.67
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