With utilizing advanced technique, Cloud Service runs on a shared structure platform with a large number of server groups. It supports unlimited expansion which can cooperate with massive, advanced equipments that add in the future.

Hong Kong Cloud Server

Data Center:
  • Hong Kong
core 1 core-16 core
Selected: * core
GB 1G-64G
Selected: *GB
Hard Disk:
GB 50G-520G
Dedicated Bandwidth:
If you need more HK dedicated bandwidth, please contact us.
Dedicated IP: 1 IP Address
Selected: Hong Kong, 1core CPU, *GB RAM, Hard Disk, *M bandwidth, 1 IP Address
Total cost:$

NiceNIC Hong Kong Cloud Server Service

  • Group Computing
  • More Stable
  • More Elastic
  • Unlimited Expansion Provides The Large Cloud Space
  • Non-Stop Premium Service

NiceNIC Hong Kong Cloud Infrastructure

1.NiceNIC owns two exclusive fiber optics networks over 20Gbps bandwidth; as a result our customers are privileged to have connectivity protection and stable online market network.

2.Basic facilities include: Cisco fiber router, Juniper SRX 10GE firewall,providing you a safe and security network.

3.Could hosting stores and processes the operation of website and email in a cloud platform that formed by a huge server group Through this technique, it can process ten million even billion of information in few seconds which is as mighty as Super Computer's network service; therefore, the speed is faster than traditional hosting.

4.The operation principle of Cloud service is separating the operation and storage of web service into two huge server areas. If one of the server or storage is broken down, website and email will automatically connect to other server which make the service will not be affected by the failure of server's hardware. In addition, Cloud computing supports the function of unlimited expansion, providing a flexible, stable and safer environment for the hosting service.

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